Shanghai Acrobatic Arts
The Chinese acrobatics have come a long way. They remain as one of the most popular art forms in China and have gone through extensive evolution and development to reach their current level and fame. The art has actually existed for more than two thousand years but was never performed before liberation as it was looked down on by the feudal class. Only after 1949 did the people's government make intense efforts to foster and develop national arts and only then did the Chinese acrobatics gain a new life. The art has not only made great improvement in its contents and skills but also achieved in setting up a designing and directing system. This movement aimed to create graceful images, harmonious musical accompaniment, and good supporting effects of costumes, props and lighting. During the arduous course of development, the Chinese acrobatics art managed to form its own style. The ancient acrobatics originated from the people's lives and were closely linked to their daily living and productive labor. Instruments of labor and everyday articles such as tridents, wicker rings, tables, chairs, jars, plates and bowls were used in the performances. Challenging acts were developed - 'Flying Trident', 'Balancing Chairs', 'Trick with Jars', 'Hoop-Diving' and 'Traditional Conjuring' are all equally intriguing performances not to be missed. In addition, there are Wushu, Diabolo Skills and the famous Lion Dance, all conceived from folk sports and games.